Medical Treatments for Pain, Weakness and Disability

When it comes to pain, weakness and disabilities, there are many medical treatment choices available.

Regular Diabetes Check from Your Primary Care Physician

Having a consistent diabetes check can help regulate your blood glucose level better. Your PCP (primary care physician) can do this to manage your diabetes. This process can only be successful by maintaining constant communication with your PCP. If you … Continued

Minor Injury Treatments At An Urgent Care

Minor injury treatment is often needed to address physical wounds that cannot be given attention at home. However, most times, minor injuries only require a visit to urgent care instead of the emergency room. Urgent care centers are a great … Continued

Primary Medical Care: Who Provides it and Why You Need it

Primary medical care is provided for the entire family unit so that everyone can go to one doctor's office and receive quality care from the same provider. The three focuses of a primary care physician are usually pediatrics, general internal … Continued

When and Why Schedule a Physical Exam?

The importance of a regular physical exam goes beyond being ready to try out for football or staying on your doctor’s log as an active patient. Visiting your doctor for a physical examination will keep you in better overall health … Continued

Getting a Sports Physical at a Primary Care Medical Clinic

Most schools and sports organizations make it compulsory for student-athletes to undergo a sports physical before the season commences. The examinations ensure that students can participate in sporting activities safely and without any health risk. A primary care provider can … Continued

Common Screenings Performed During a Health Check Up

Thinking about making an appointment for a health check up? This type of preventive care medical appointment is one that can help detect any health-related problems before they have a chance to get out of control. When it comes to … Continued

Visit a Family Medicine Office for Comprehensive Health Care

A family medicine office is a great resource to utilize when requiring comprehensive health care. Those that struggle with serious health conditions or chronic diseases can benefit from visiting a family medicine office as it allows for the most personalized … Continued

When Should I Visit a Medical Clinic for the Flu?

If you contract the flu, you will probably experience symptoms like sore throat, a high fever, cough and pains and aches. You might not see any reason to see a doctor and instead, may decide to treat yourself with more … Continued

Non-Life Threatening Medical Issues and Urgent Care

Wondering what types of problems an urgent care center can treat? An easy way for you to understand whether you are in need of urgent care services is to ask yourself whether your injury or illness can wait to be … Continued