6 Common Reasons for Primary Care Medical Visits

Posted on: August 29, 2019

primary care North Las Vegas, NV

It is helpful and important for individuals to have a primary care provider in order to receive high-quality care in a timely manner if they are injured or become ill.

With quality treatment from a primary care provider, you can ensure your injury, illness or condition is dealt with properly.

Reasons to visit primary care

While urgent care can treat the initial symptoms of an injury or illness and an emergency room is better equipped to deal with life-threatening issues, primary care is the best place to go when quality care is needed to treat the root cause for an illness or injury.

The following are the six common reasons to visit primary care.

Booster shots

Primary care is a great place to visit if a booster shot, or any other form of injection, is needed to prevent getting sick. A booster shot refers to any vaccination given after the initial vaccination, such as receiving annual flu shots right before flu season. Booster shots and other vaccinations are a great way to prevent becoming ill when the illness is most prevalent

Common cold and flu

Most people suffer from the common cold or flu at some point in their life. During the cold or flu, it is important to receive quality care in order to properly determine the exact cause and treat it properly. With quality care from a primary care center, the common cold or flu does not have to last for long.

Migraines and headaches

Another common reason people may visit primary care is to receive treatment for head pain, such as headaches and migraines. Migraines and headaches that simply do not go away are extremely annoying and can be incredibly painful. Fortunately, primary care can treat the symptoms of headaches and migraines effectively.

Chest and abdominal pain

While serious chest or abdominal pain is best treated as soon as possible at an emergency room, especially if the pain seems life threatening, non-life-threatening chest and abdominal pain that does not need immediate care, such as constant heartburn or constipation, can be properly dealt with at primary care in an effective manner.

Minor cuts and bruises

Minor cuts and bruises are common among children, although adults may suffer from cuts and bruises as well, especially if their job is physically demanding. A minor cut and bruise may not seem like a need for treatment, but it is important to receive medical assistance by a primary care professional to ensure the symptoms do not last for longer than necessary and other issues do not develop as a result of the cut or bruise.

Minor sports injuries

Sports injuries are another common injury in children. While serious injuries that may require surgery, such as a comminuted fracture, should be treated at an emergency room, non-life-threatening injuries such as a sprain or strain, concussion or minor fracture can be effectively diagnosed and fully treated both initially and long term at a primary care medical center.

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