3 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Urgent Care

Going to an urgent care clinic is a fantastic way to receive immediate medical attention for minor injuries and illnesses. Although, not all urgent care clinics are created equal, and it is vital to research and know what to expect … Continued

Primary Healthcare: Six Preventive Services

Currently looking into your primary healthcare plan so you can find out what preventive health care services are available to you? The importance of preventive care should never be underrated as this is one of the most vital things you … Continued

Where Can I Go for Immediate Care?

Waking up feeling terrible, getting into an accident or having a kid be sent home sick from school can all create the need for immediate care. Unfortunately, when it comes to doctors, it can be difficult to know whom to … Continued

10 Reasons Patients Visit Us for Urgent Care

As a provider of urgent care, we treat patients who need immediate medical services. Families visit us from throughout the area when they're sick, injured or worried about their health and want quick care that does not require a visit to … Continued

Preventative Medical Care is Important for Heart Health

We provide medical care that can help to prevent and treat heart disease. Visiting a doctor for checkups to monitor heart health is critical since this is a leading cause of death in the United States. If necessary, we can … Continued

When Primary Care Physicians are Busy, Visit a Walk-In Clinic

If sick and needing medical care, visit our walk-in clinic. We are a good alternative to primary care doctors who do not have the time and an emergency room that will cost a lot of money for the same type … Continued

Drug Screening Can Fit Into a Treatment Plan

Visit our office for a drug screening appointment or make an appointment for someone that you love. In our office, we treat patients who are struggling with addiction. We understand how difficult it can be for everyone who is involved … Continued

Whent to Bring Children to the Urgent Care vs. the ER

There are many reasons that children end up visiting our urgent care office. Even though most will have a family pediatrician, the pediatrician is not always available last-minute and most of them are not open evenings or weekends. As most … Continued

Visit Our Weight Loss Clinic for Medical Help and Support

Dieting is hard. Many patients that visit our weight loss clinic do so after attempting multiple diets and feeling as though they have been unable to make sufficient progress. Whether the weight loss is nonexistent, minimal or is regained once … Continued

Where to Turn for Emergency Medical Care

With the cold and flu season here, it is important to know where to turn for emergency medical care. Though everyone hopes to avoid the flu this season, unfortunately, far too many people will come down with this terribly inconvenient … Continued