Tips From Your Primary Care Doctor on Heart Health

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Maintaining heart health is one of the most important things that a person can do, and primary care doctors want patients to know that it does not have to be difficult. Small but impactful changes in your daily life can make a big difference to keep that heart beating for as long as possible. Here are a few basic things that you can do to make sure your heart is healthy, according to a primary care doctor.

Heart health advice from a primary care doctor

Primary care doctors are the first line of defense in keeping patients healthy, but to do that, they need to help people care for their hearts. Ways to do so include the following.

Stay active

The heart is a muscle, and like any muscle, it needs regular exercise to stay strong. Since the heart constantly pumps blood throughout the body, it is always getting a bit of exercise. But by regularly pushing it via an active lifestyle, a patient can boost their blood flow and train the heart to handle greater stress, which is essential when coping with a taxing situation.

Additionally, building muscle in other areas makes the body more efficient at using oxygen. As a result, the heart does not have to work as hard on a daily basis to oxygenate the body.

Maintain a healthy weight

Excess weight (in the form of fat, not muscle) strains the heart and makes it work harder. Fat cells are living cells, just like the rest of the body, which means they also need blood. Staying at a healthy weight lessens this toll on the heart and simultaneously decreases the buildup of cholesterol and fatty accumulations in the arteries, reducing the risk of heart disease or a heart attack later.

Eat nutritious food

The heart beats because of electrical signals that contract it. To fire properly, these signals require minerals and nutrients, such as magnesium and potassium. Those who eat a healthy diet get the nutritional content that the heart needs to stay healthy and function properly. In fact, people who are deficient in minerals like magnesium may notice their hearts beating at unusual (and potentially dangerous) rhythms, called arrhythmias.

Furthermore, nutritious food is naturally lower in the cholesterols and harmful lipids that create arterial buildup and raise blood pressure. The heart functions best in a clean and optimized body environment.

Manage stress and harmful habits

Heart disease occurs when the heart has extensively been exposed to a harmful environment, which can include high cholesterol and high blood pressure that strains the inside of the heart. Elevated stress levels, smoking, and regular alcohol consumption create unfavorable situations that negatively influence the heart. Eliminating these from one’s daily regimen can significantly and positively affect the heart.

Keep your heart healthy

Whether you are a teenager or a senior citizen, it is never too early or late to start making smart choices about your heart health. Contact our primary care doctor to learn how your body is treating your heart and to look for health conditions ranging from high cholesterol to genetic indicators for heart disease. We want you to live a long and happy life, and we are ready to support you in doing so.

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