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Sports Physical North Las Vegas, NV

Most kids and teens who want to participate in school athletics first need a sports physical. Also known as pre-participation evaluation or PPE, this medical evaluation determines a person’s fitness for athletics. While doctors recommend it for everyone involved in sports, it is usually a requirement for school-age kids. Though many medical and related facilities offer PPEs, people can also get them from their primary care physicians or family doctors, maybe even as part of a routine appointment.

Reasons for a sports physical

The overarching objective of this exam is to determine a child or teen’s fitness for the sports they plan to participate in. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the doctor looks for conditions that may increase an athlete’s risk of injury and any life-threatening and disabling conditions. The hope is not to exclude a child or teen from a sport, only to ensure that the child or teen can participate safely. Suppose the doctor finds an issue that could interfere with an athlete’s ability to play a sport. In that case, they may be able to suggest treatments or accommodations to help overcome the issue so the child can participate safely.

What is included in a sports physical?

The exam will start with a conversation on the patient’s medical history, including family medical history. The practitioner will likely ask about the following:

  • past injuries
  • illnesses
  • hospitalizations
  • surgeries
  • known allergies
  • medications and supplements
  • chronic conditions

The doctor may also ask about the athlete’s diet and lifestyle. Many times kids will be given a form that their parents and the doctor can help them complete during the exam.

Most sports physicals are similar to a routine physical exam. However, the practitioner conducting the physical will focus more on the issues affecting one’s ability to play sports. The practitioner will measure the patient’s height and weight and take the patient’s pulse and blood pressure. Special attention will be paid to the health of the lungs, joints, and muscles. In addition, the doctor will check the patient’s flexibility, strength, and posture.

Advantages of getting one from a primary care doctor

Clinics, various other medical facilities, and even sometimes, the student’s school will offer sports physicals. However, a primary care physician can be the ideal place to turn. Your child’s primary care provider may even be able to incorporate the sports physical into your child’s routine annual exam. In addition to this convenience, your child will have the benefit of working with a physician they are already comfortable with and have an easier time being honest with. Also, your child’s primary care provider will already be familiar with your child’s medical history and current health situation.

Help your kids play sports safely

Sports physicals help children and teens stay safe and healthy while playing sports. If your child plans to participate in athletics, we can help them be ready. To learn more about pre-participation evaluations, call our team today.

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