Visiting an Urgent Care Center for Medical Testing

Posted on: February 17, 2019

Urgent care facilities aren't as limited as many people think they are — in fact, you can get medical testing done at an urgent care center to get results fast. There are a variety of problems that can be treated at urgent care, and many different diagnostic tests the facility is capable of running. In some cases, getting tests done at one of these facilities is easier and more efficient than having the same tests done at a hospital or doctor's office.

Types of tests

A wide range of diagnostics tests are performed at urgent care centers. Here, it's possible to receive a diagnosis for many types of illnesses and conditions, including flu, strep throat and arthritis. Blood tests, pregnancy tests, STD tests and thyroid disease diagnosis are regularly conducted at urgent care facilities. Health screenings of all kinds are available through urgent care centers as well.


They aren't called urgent care facilities for nothing. Urgent really does mean urgent at these treatment centers. Often, a person will have their tests taken more quickly at an urgent care facility than anywhere else, and they will usually get the results faster here as well. Some diagnostics results, like blood tests and urinalysis, can be received the same day, according to GoHealth Urgent Care. In fact, some test results are obtained in minutes.

Unknown tests

Urgent care facilities provide testing and treatment for such a wide range of conditions, many people don't realize the scope of services that they provide. According to Healthline, some tests typically associated with a hospital can be conducted at urgent care centers, including EKG tests. Urgent care centers can forward all your test results to your primary physician.

A typical visit

The environment at urgent care centers is part clinic, part doctor's office. The staff is made up of physicians and nurse practitioners, in addition to typical medical support staff. Urgent care centers are a lot like large doctor's offices, but with more equipment and an in-house lab. You don't need to call ahead or make an appointment at an urgent care center; simply show up when you need treatment or testing. In most cases, you will receive treatment and/or testing within a few hours of your arrival.

Further testing

Sometimes, there may require additional or more extensive testing. There are some tests that are not typically conducted at urgent care centers. This includes mammograms, CAT scans and MRIs. If you need additional tests, the physician or nurse practitioner who treats you will tell you where to go to have these diagnostics performed.

Medical testing

If you need common medical testing performed, urgent care centers can provide everything from X-rays to blood tests. Visiting an urgent care center for medical testing is designed to be efficient and quick, for someone and for the facility. Get your basic medical tests done here, and save yourself the time and aggravation of going somewhere else.

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