What Can Be Treated at a Walk-In Clinic?

Posted on: September 30, 2019

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Do you need to visit a walk-in clinic but are not quite sure what kind of health conditions they can treat? Sometimes it can be hard to understand what you should do when you are experiencing health problems or are simply not feeling well. While you probably want to make an appointment with your primary care physician, sometimes you may feel like you just cannot wait. You could go to an emergency room, but how long will you need to wait to be seen by an emergency care physician? You also do not want to worry about all the expenses that come when going to an ER. This makes a medical clinic that offers walk-in services an ideal solution, as you can be seen quickly and do not have to worry about a large medical bill.

What can be treated at a walk-in clinic?

The following is a short list of what can be treated at a walk-in clinic. It is important to understand that there are different types of medical professionals who work at this type of clinic, including family doctors.

Cold and flu symptoms

Experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms is a common reason why people choose to go to a clinic that offers walk-in services. There are many complications that can potentially happen when someone has a cold or flu, making it necessary for them to seek the medical assistance they need as quickly as possible.

Sore throat, strep throat

A sore throat can be an early sign of an oncoming cold or flu or it could be the beginnings of strep throat. Either way, professional medical assistance is necessary in order to address the sore throat.

Sprains and fractures

A strain or fracture requires emergency medical services and walk-in clinics are able to provide their patients with the basic medical care services needed for these injuries.

Bladder infections

A bladder infection tends to come on quickly and for that reason, patients need to be seen by a medical professional as quickly as possible in order to get the proper medication to treat the condition.

Insect bites, bee stings

One never knows when they are going to be bitten by an insect or stung by a bee, making the ability to address the bite or sting without an appointment a very convenient option.

Allergy problems

When someone experiences an allergic reaction, it is often essential for them to seek the assistance of a medical professional as soon as possible. A walk-in clinic not only treats patients who have allergies, but they can also conduct tests that will help patients learn how to avoid allergies and allergic reactions in the future.

Do you have any questions for us?

Does a walk-in clinic sound like it is the right choice for you? When you are not feeling well and are not able to make a timely appointment with your regular medical care professional, then going to a clinic where you can simply walk in and receive services quickly is recommended. A walk-in clinic also allows you to get faster services when compared to an emergency room, which is another bonus. Now that you understand some of the more popular treatment options offered, do you have any additional questions for us? We are here for you!

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