What Does a Child’s Health Check Up Include?

Child Health Checkup North Las Vegas, NV

Learning more about what your child’s health check up includes is a good idea. These appointments are an essential part of your child's overall health, as they allow you to know just how healthy your child is and whether or not they are in need of any medical services.

About health check-ups for children

The more prepared you and your child are for their health check up, the more likely the appointment will be one that is both quick and pleasant. It is also important for you to understand how often you need to take in your child for their health check-ups. In order for you to know how often you need to take your child in for this type of medical appointment, you need to ask your primary care doctor.

What is included in a child’s health check up

The list below includes some of the more common tests and screenings that a child’s health check up may include. In order for parents to understand the exact type of tests and services a child will undergo during their appointment, they will need to ask their primary care doctor for this detailed information.

A head-to-toe physical examination

A head-to-toe physical examination allows a primary care doctor to check a child’s body for any problems overall, as well as to make sure that they are developing properly. Developmental screenings are important, as it allows doctors to know whether a child is growing as they should. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, developmental monitoring observes how a child grows and changes over time and whether a child meets the typical developmental milestones in playing, learning, speaking, behaving and moving.

Vision and hearing screenings

A vision screening for children is performed in order to look for any potential vision problems, as well as any eye conditions or disorders that may be present. The screening procedure simply requires a doctor to closely look at the child’s eyes to see if they can find any existing problems and if any are found, the child will be referred to an eye doctor. A hearing screening works the same way and is performed to find out if any potential hearing problems exist. If any hearing problems are detected, the child will be referred to an ear, nose and throat doctor.


A child may need to have one or more immunizations when they go in for their regular health check up. It is important for all children to follow the immunization schedule currently in place, as this allows them to receive any necessary vaccines that can protect their overall health. Parents can print out this immunization schedule or ask their primary care doctor to give them one, as this allows them to be on track when it comes to having their child vaccinated.

Need to schedule a health check up for your child?

Now that you know what to expect when you take your child in for their regular check up appointment, you can help them prepare for it. When your child knows what to expect when they need to go to their primary care doctor’s office, they will be much more willing to go.

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