What to Expect at Your Child’s Sports Physical at a Primary Care Office

Sports Physical North Las Vegas, NV

A sports physical is often needed when children want to participate in activities like soccer, football or baseball. Most states require sports physicals, which are also highly recommended by primary care providers. Parents who are not familiar with the sports physical process may be curious about what it involves. Also, having knowledge of what to expect beforehand can be helpful in preparing one's child. 

Getting a sports physical at a primary care office

Below is an overview of a sports physical, including what it is and what is involved. 

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a special type of appointment with a primary care provider that is required by doctors, coaches, schools and sometimes, the state. It is also known as a preparticipation physical examination. The examination will determine if the child can safely participate in the sport, which means that the child has to be in good enough health to participate. 

What is involved?

A sports physical is similar to a routine check-up, though there may be extra steps. Outlined below are a few of the things that the primary care provider will do during the sports physical. 

  • Examine joints and muscles
  • Evaluate flexibility, posture and strength
  • Check the ears, eyes, nose and throat 
  • Take blood pressure and test the pulse 
  • Do a vision test

Aside from the physical examination, the primary care provider will also ask many questions, some of which may have to be answered by the parent as well. These include queries about the child's health history, allergies, previous injuries or procedures, underlying health conditions and any current medications that the child is taking. The primary care provider will take everything into consideration in order to determine whether the child is in good physical and mental health and equipped to participate in the desired sport. 

Visiting a primary care office

A primary care office is a great place to take a child to get their sports physical. Primary care offices take care of routine healthcare for individuals of all ages, including children who need to have a check-up prior to starting the sports season.

Besides undergoing a sports physical, the child and their family can receive primary care from the medical clinic that they go to. Things like vaccinations can be provided to ensure that the child is up to date for the school year. Routine check-up appointments can also be done, which can be helpful before going back to school. 

Get started with a sports physical

When your child needs a sports physical, consult with a primary care provider first. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare the child can be helpful. Reach out today to learn more about what a sports physical involves and to schedule your child for an appointment. 

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