Cut and Bruise Treatment North Las Vegas, NV

It is essential to know how to properly treat a cut or bruise, as prolonging treatment can lead to infection or severe pain lasting an extended amount of time. While certain minor scrapes, cuts, and bruises are treatable at home, more severe cuts or bruises may require medical assistance to ensure safe treatment procedures and a speedy recovery.

Specific precautionary measures should be implemented to prevent minor cuts and bruises from occurring, although they are not always avoidable. Since minor cuts and bruises are inevitable, it is essential to know how to deal with a cut or bruise when they do occur.

Cuts and bruises can be checked at Encompass Care in North Las Vegas and the surrounding area. At our urgent care facility, we can effectively and efficiently treat a mild to moderate cut or bruise, relieving pain-free in no time. Our staff can help you determine whether a cut is minor or severe and help you treat it. Call us at (702) 514-4295 to visit our urgent care center for an evaluation and treatment today.

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