Immunizations, Vaccinations and Flu Shots North Las Vegas, NV

Immunizations, vaccinations, and flu shots are essential for preventing the onset of harmful infections, including influenza, tetanus, and hepatitis A and B. Vaccinations — which are completely safe — help the body fight off and build up an immunity to certain viral and bacterial infections, which otherwise pose a great risk to our health.

While the body is often able to fight off infections such as influenza without too much difficulty, developing such infections naturally can lead to an extreme amount of discomfort and a risk to your long-term health. Instead, it is best to prevent the infection altogether by giving your body what it needs to build up an immunity. At our urgent care facility, we can ensure that the vaccination is administered safely.

Immunizations, vaccinations, and flu shots are available at Encompass Care in North Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Our staff can help you determine whether any of these shots are right for you. Call us at (702) 514-4295 to visit our urgent care center for an evaluation today.

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