Preparing Your Child to Go to a 24 Hour Emergency Room North Las Vegas, NV

No one hopes to take their child to a 24-hour emergency room (ER). When an emergency occurs, it can be stressful for the whole family. It can be a breath of relief, having trusted doctors able to comfort and treat your child any time of day. You may take comfort in knowing you are also not alone: According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 17% of U.S. children visited the emergency room in just 2015.

Before you take your child to an ER, it is still essential to know how to prepare your child and family. Here, our Encompass Care team discusses when you should seek emergency care and how to ease your child before being seen. If you are in North Las Vegas or its surrounding area and are having an emergency, come to our facility for relief. We can see you or a member of your family in our emergency room 24 hours a day.

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