Sprain and Strain Treatment North Las Vegas, NV

It is important to be able to distinguish between a sprain and a strain. While they do share some of the same causes and symptoms, there are significant differences. A general understanding allows you to determine which they suffered after an injury, how to treat it properly, and whether they should seek urgent care. Although many sprains and strains are minor and may require little to no medical assistance, they should receive proper medical treatment if symptoms become severe or persist for more than a week.

When suffering from a sprain or strain, especially one that is quite severe, seeking proper care can relieve symptoms and improve conditions much faster. While an improperly treated sprain or strain can take months to recover, receiving quality medical assistance at our urgent care facility can shorten the duration.

Treatments are available at Encompass Care in North Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Our staff can help you determine whether the symptoms you feel result from a sprain or strain and provide treatment. Visit our urgent care center for an evaluation and treatment today or call us at (702) 514-4295 to learn more.

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