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At Encompass Care, we offer primary and urgent care to patients struggling with a variety of illnesses and physical pain. We can offer treatment to patients who cannot make it to a hospital or may not be able to wait several hours in an emergency room. Our services are efficient and professional. We accept walk-ins and offer patients the care they need as soon as possible. From the moment patients step in the door to after they leave, we offer the highest levels of care we can in every aspect of what we do.

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Our new prices are as follows:

  • Established Patients w/appt-$120
  • Established Patients wo/appt-$125
  • New Patients w/appt $140
  • New Patients wo/appt $145

We understand that people with conditions such as a violent and persistent cough, may not want to visit a hospital. Other patients may need treatment for insect bites, burns or rashes, but are unable to schedule an appointment with their primary physician soon enough. Patients with minor versions of these problems may have luck in using over-the-counter remedies as treatment. However, other patients may need professional medical attention, experiencing little to no relief from over-the-counter remedies and rest.

If the pain is too great and over-the-counter remedies are not working, then it is important to visit our urgent care clinic.


At Encompass Care, we can treat patients with a variety of services. Along with these treatments, we also offer physicals, drug screens and a weight loss program. Our treatment services include:

  • Evaluation of colds, coughs, ear aches, flu symptoms, sinus problems and other minor illnesses
  • Treatment for sprains and broken bones
  • Repairing cuts that require stitches
  • Treatment for burns, insect bites and rashes

The process for treatment begins with a consultation and examination. You can choose to schedule an appointment ahead of time or walk in. We understand that a primary care physician is not always free and that hospital waiting rooms can end up being several hours. Thus, we offer professional and efficient care to patients in need when they need it. An injured leg may simply be a pulled muscle, or it can be damage that needs professional care in order to properly heal.

Upon arrival, you will fill out some basic patient information forms before treatment. Once you have filled out all of the forms, we will get you the necessary treatment as soon as possible. We will take into account all of your concerns, the major areas of pain and your current health condition before developing a treatment. Since no individual is exactly the same as another, we will customize the treatment to your needs.

A patient who hurts his or her leg during a sports game may not see the immediate damage but will feel a constant ache that does not go away after several days. While some minor injuries may heal with rest after a few days, a patient should visit our clinic if the pain persists or begins to get worse. We have an X-ray machine on-site to find out if there is any damage to the leg or other parts of the body. We also have an ultrasound and lab draw machine. We have the necessary tools and skills to identify the root cause of a patient’s pain and prescribe treatment.


We will accommodate your needs at Encompass Care with treatment and convenience in accessing said treatment. New patients can fill out the patient information forms online and bring them to the appointment. We also have a private patient portal that gives patients direct access to their health information, allows patients to schedule appointments, view lab results, review information on their condition and email the office. A patient will be the only person to access his or her information besides the Encompass Care staff, who will upload new information to the portal.

We can also help set up online payments if the patient prefers. If a patient needs, we will also be able to schedule follow-up appointments to monitor the condition and ensure the treatment is having the proper effect. We offer convenience with our treatment in order to help patients heal and experience no trouble in receiving the necessary care. Spending hours in a hospital waiting room or being unable to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician for several weeks can make any situation worse.

We will treat you in a caring and professional manner to ensure that you are able to continue a life free of pain. To schedule an appointment for treatment, give us a call at (702) 514-4295 or visit our office today.

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